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Obligatory Pet Picture: Snowball

[Sunrise Sparrow Award] Topics of Interest:

* The Skate Floor

Contains information on roller, inline, and ice skating.

* PGP Interactions: English  Francaise  Deutsche  Espanol  Italian  Slovene

These pages cover information on the differences in the many versions of Pretty Good Privacy, both official releases and private compilations. Since PGP is an internationally used program, several translations of the page are available!

* Other Information:

* Linux Tips, a couple tips for Linux (mostly Mandrake) that I've learned that I thought others might find helpful.
* Slackware and GnuCash, a page explaining how to install GnuCash on Slackware 9.x-10.0. (It's not easy, but it is possible!)
* My 1999 Mercury Cougar, my 2004 Chevrolet Impala, and my Airstream B190.
*My Favorite TV/Movie Quotes, just for fun!
*Clarion University, my undergraduate alma mater. My degree is in Mathematics.
*The University of Georgia, where I completed a masters degree in Statistics.
*Linux and the Fujitsu C2230, information on getting Linux running on my new laptop.
*Linux and the Fujitsu 435Dx, information on running Linux on my laptop computer.

Getting in touch with me:

Comments should be directed to webmaster@rjmarq.org. PGP Encrypted messages are welcome and encouraged. Here is my DSS/DH key block and my RSA key block.

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