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Roller Skating [My Speed Skates] [The Snyders 
 Figure Skates]

I've been roller skating since I was 6 or 7 years old. Right now, my speed skates are made of Riedell 122 boots with Hard Candy plates, Bones bearings, and Labeda Snapper Record wheels. I've had these about 6 years now and use them at least once or twice a week.

I also use my brother's Douglas Snyder skates, with Fafnir 8 bearings and Bones wheels.

Inline Skating [My Inline Skates]

I've only started inline skating within the last few years, and I must say that I like the speed of my Riedell Series 100 inlines with Airlite rails and Airmax wheels by Square Wheels. This is a 5-wheel-per-skate setup and just works great, even with cheap bearings. I wish I could get into racing on them.

Ice skating

I've only been ice skating a few times so far, but I definitely want to get into this sport a lot more. I don't have a pair of ice skates, but that will change within a few years, I'm sure.

Ice Skating related stuff

* Ice Rink Websites, the most complete list of ice skating rinks with web sites!

* U.S. Figure Skating Association.

* 1st Skate-Mart sells figure skating supplies.

* www.icesk8.com contains clipart, links, and more!

New! Viking Ice synthetic ice rinks, ice skating without the ice. Home and business systems are available.

* rec.sport.skating.ice newsgroup, general coverage.

* rec.sport.skating.ice.figure newsgroup, take a guess.

* rec.sport.skating.ice.recreational newsgroup. This looks like it is geared toward the beginner/recreational skaters. A quick look at the group shows subjects asking questions about skating and ice skating information in general. Looks like a decent resource for someone new to the sport.

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