January, 2004 Capital/Maryland NECO at James' place in Fredericksburg, VA

If you'd like high-res copies of these pictures, please contact me!

My car in front, FrostyCat behind my car, and to the left is yssupkat:

tnkgurl in front, then Spade. yssupkat and ignernt are visible in the distance:

Cougars everywhere! FrostyCat, then me, then tnkgurl; yssupkat and ignernt are visible in the distance again. I'm not sure who's on the road (I think it may have been a random Cougar driving by):

Spade loves work! He could watch it all day! :)

UrbnCougar33 - edited for those with weak stomachs (he hit a dog). Click here for the original.

yssupkat explaining radios or something to Tigg and ignernt. Behind them is ignernt's car, but I'm not sure who's on the other side of Sherrie's car:

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Written by RJ Marquette on 11/1/04.
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