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Category: Henry's Meet on May 24, 2009

Jason's polished headlight
2009-05-24  15:33:31
Jason's unpolished headlight
2009-05-24  15:33:38
Henry polishing headlights
2009-05-24  15:34:05
Henry polishing headlights
2009-05-24  15:36:14
Henry polishing headlights while Jason watches
2009-05-24  15:38:02
Dave polishes a headlight
2009-05-24  15:38:30
Closeup of headlight being polished
2009-05-24  15:38:48
Closeup of headlight being polished
2009-05-24  15:38:55
Sherrie on the porch
2009-05-24  15:39:47
Ivy growing on a wall
2009-05-24  15:41:00
Henry working on RJ's car
2009-05-24  15:56:12
RJ's unpolished headlight
2009-05-24  15:56:24
Dave, Nia, and Jason
2009-05-24  15:56:47
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