Mail Client Capabilities: PGP-related

Last updated: 2000-08-11

What's All This Then?

This document is an attempt at consolidating information about mail clients with an emphasis on whether they support PGP and PGP/MIME. The information is provided in the form of tables. There is one table per operating system at the moment.

This page is purely for informational purposes only. A scientific study was not conducted in determining its contents. Stuff may be wrong. It's a work in progress. You have been warned ;-) If you see problems, for the moment, I'd suggest mentioning it on the pgp-users mailing list. If you have additions or changes to suggest, I would appreciate it if you would provide URLs where appropriate. I have nothing against operating systems not listed here and am willing to add additional ones as I get more information.

Forget this Intro, where are the Tables?


String Meaning
Native Code for support exists in client [1]
Plugin Client supports a "plugin" architecture and an appropriate plugin exists
Tool:X Installing an external tool "X" provides the functionality
None Document author has received what he feels is reliable information indicating no support [2]
UA Unknown to document Author

[1] As far as the author knows, in order to process PGP messages it is necessary to install a program such as PGP or GNUPG in addition to the mail client. Not that this is technically a necessity -- it's just that I've never encountered a mail client that didn't have this requirement. Exception: apparently, The Bat! has an internal PGP implementation.

[2] If something is marked "None" it doesn't mean that you can't process PGP messages manually via the clipboard or some other "manual" mechanism.


Name PGP PGP/MIME Multilingual PGP/MIME Misc
Name of the client PGP (non PGP/MIME) support PGP/MIME support Support for more than US-ASCII when using PGP/MIME. I will list language names here that have been reported to work. A classic case of support for a language that doesn't seem to get implemented properly is Japanese. I used to call this column "Multilingual", but people didn't seem to read this description. Miscellaneous information


Name PGP PGP/MIME Multilingual PGP/MIME Misc
Mutt Native Native
Mew Native Native Japanese With appropriate hacking, Mew can also be used w/ Mailcrypt
Pine Tools:pgpenvelope, pgp4pine None
Elm Tool:mailpgp, morepgp UA
Wanderlust Tool:Mailcrypt UA
VM Tool:Mailcrypt UA
Gnus Tool:Mailcrypt UA
mh-e Tool:Mailcrypt UA distributed w/ Emacs (& MH?)
XFMail Native Native? support for PGP 2.6.x, 5.0, 6.5, and GnuPG 1.0.x -- PGP/MIME support a little unreliable? software in transition? old link
KMail Native? UA support for PGP 6.x and GnuPG 1.0
XCmail UA Native?
Sylpheed UA UA


Name PGP PGP/MIME Multilingual PGP/MIME Misc
Eudora Pro Native+Plugin Native+Plugin I have found Japanese to not be handled correctly when using PGP/MIME
Datula Tool:PGPCmd Native+Plugin Japanese
Edmax Native+Plugin? Native+Plugin
Mulberry Native+Plugin Native+Plugin
PMMail Native? Native? Uses licensed NAI PGP
Turnpike UA Native
The Bat! Native or Plugin UA Has own PGP implementation -- based on OpenSSL
Pegasus Plugins:QDPGP, PM-PGP UA
Lotus Notes Plugins: bundled w/ NAI PGP 6.5.3, PGPNotes, PI Mail UA
Novell Groupwise Plugin UA
MS Outlook 97/98/2000 Plugin UA
MS Outlook Express 4.0/5.0 Plugin UA
AL-Mail Plugin UA
Calypso Plugin UA support claimed for PGP 5.5, 6.0, 6.5
Wemail Tool:Goma2 UA S/MIME support w/ option, PGP5.5 support w/ Goma2
Becky! Internet Mail Native? UA PGP 2.63 and PGP 5.53 are reported to be usable
Netscape Messenger Plugin, Half-Plugin UA "Half-Plugin" features are limited to encryption and signing -- no decryption or verification
Netmail UA UA
Winbiff UA UA
Postpet UA UA
DinosaurX Internet Mail & News UA UA
Denshin Hachigou UA UA
dcMail UA UA
Kmail UA UA


Name PGP PGP/MIME Multilingual PGP/MIME Misc
Eudora Pro Native+Plugin Native+Plugin
Mulberry Native+Plugin Native+Plugin
PowerMail UA UA
Pegasus UA UA
Netscape Messenger UA UA
MS Outlook UA UA
MS Outlook Express UA UA