Installing GnuCash Help Files on Slackware

The Installing GnuCash on Slackware page doesn't cover the help files. So, Roberto wrote the following directions to help everyone out.

Roberto, once again, has supplied a build script if you'd like to avoid the steps below.

  1. Obtain the latest docs archive (located here).

  2. You don't need to install any 8.1 package other than those already required to build Gnucash, but you'll need a few packages from the "gnome" and "l" Slackware 9.0/9.1 (see the gnucash-docs README), which are very likely already installed in your system. In particular, the scrollkeeper-0.3.11-i386-2 package from 9.1 (or scrollkeeper-0.2-i386-1 from 8.1) is required.

  3. These 3 .xml files:
    1. gnucash-docs-1.8.1/guide/C/gnucash-guide.xml
    2. gnucash-docs-1.8.1/help/C/gnucash-help.xml
    3. gnucash-docs-1.8.1/help/de_DE/gnucash-help.xml

    link to the following file on the internet:, which is part of the package yelp-2.2.0-i386-1.

    Therefore, you might want to replace the link to the internet with a link to your local file file:///usr/share/sgml/docbook/yelp/docbook/dtd/docbookx.dtd by editing those 3 files manually, or using sed, like I do to create a Slackware .tgz package:

    sed -e 's%' \
        gnucash-guide.xml > 
    mv gnucash-guide.xml 

  4. You can then build the docs:
      ./configure --localstatedir=/var/lib \   <--- scrollkeeper top level dir
          --prefix=/usr \                      <--- gnome top level dir
      make install 
  5. Finally, if you want to build a Slackware package (and therefore you'll likely build the docs in a temporary directory), you'll have to fix the following 3 .xml files:

    and remove any references to <your temp dir>.

Written by RJ Marquette. Last updated 8/6/2003.