New Transmission

Unfortunately, my original E4OD didn't quite make it to Indianapolis this year, and it dumped all its fluid on I-70 near Breezewood, PA. The PA state policeman that stopped to help me commented that I'd made it over the last mountain (it wasn't much comfort). Town Hill Auto towed it and found that the transmission was slipping and the torque convertor was shot, so I had them replace the transmission with a Jasper remanufactured transmission. I also had them install a temperature gauge and a drain plug, both of which are visible in the last picture (the drain plug is on the bottom; the temperature gauge bung is on the right).

Overall view of the dash

Closeup of the gauge

New cooler (part of the
Jasper kit)

New transmission

When towing the Cougar home after getting the new transmission, the gauge seemed to stay around 165 or so on the hills, then crept up to 180-190 in the DC beltway traffic. I turned the overdrive off on hills and in the traffic.

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Updated 9:16:20 on Saturday July 22, 2006.